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World Class Health Academy
Calea 13 Septembrie no. 90, Sector 5,  RO - 76122 Bucharest
Tel.: +40 21 403 0900
Fax: +40 21 403 0907
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Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 6:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Sat – Sun 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.


World Class Health Academy at the Grand

 World Class History

World Class is a worldwide provider of premium fitness. The company was founded by Mr. Ulf Bengtsson in Stockholm, Sweden in 1983. The first World Class fitness clubs helped paved the way for the health club industry in Sweden. World Class Romania has a 14 years history in the fitness and lifestyle field with 12 clubs all over the country and many more under project in vast and luxurious locations.


Set in the luxurious JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel, on -1 floor, with a total surface of over 2000 sq.m, World Class Health Academy at the Grand offers its members a world of products and services for increased wellbeing. Elegant, luxurious and private, it is complemented by the very best of personal service.


World Class Health Academy at the Grand is the first Health Academy opened in Romania in the year 2000.

Therefore, the most important value is our experience and one of the greatest components is the specialized and very well trained staff, sustained by complete services.


By joining our services you can:

> Improve your lifestyle

> Save money on your medical insurance

> Great energy for you to spend the rest of your day

> Spend time with your kids at the pool - Special program for kids under 12

> Access to the program you choose

> Be part of club activities

> Network and meet new friends

> Relax and unwind

> Get in great shape

> Start a new life



> Group Fitness, Switching

> Strength and Personal Training/ Functional (Queenax, Synrgy 360, Life Fitness equipment)

> Pool and Jacuzzi

> Squash

> Massage and Spa Treatments


Group Fitness

Many forms of training is most suitable in groups and with the help of an instructor. World Class has replaced the traditional aerobics with a mix of group classes that satisfies most needs – everything from yoga and kick­boxing to dance aerobics, strength and cycling classes.

 For well-trained to un-trained, for young and for old, we promise there is a class just for you. Our group trainings do not only help motivating people but they are also carefully developed to provide maximum effect and to minimize the risk for injuries.

We provide 3 group fitness studios: Aerobic Studio (35 places), Switching/Queenax Studio (20 places), Cycling Studio (30 places).


Strength and Personal Training

Strength training is an important component of a balanced fitness program, providing great benefits as:

increasing strength of bones, muscle and connective tissue, decreasing risk of injury, increased muscle mass and enhancing quality of life. A safe strength training combined with cardiovascular and flexibility training will give you the benefits of a complete fitness program.


Our facility and equipment at your service: 404 m2 area for training | 10 treadmills | 6 cross trainers | 8 bikes and strength machines from Life Fitness for all muscular groups | Queenax / Synrgy 360 / 7 Switching Machines.


Pool and Jacuzzi

Let go of your worries and take time to think about yourself. Breath, relax and open your senses. The pool at World Class is not only for exercising, it is also a place of contemplation, beauty and harmony, where you can unwind and find renewed energy, personal growth and strength for everyday life – a peaceful oasis that promotes wellbeing.



World Class Health Academy at the Grand Marriott has 2 squash courts, all of international standard. Bookings can be made in the reception. We have squash pros that can help beginners to get started or intermediate or advanced players to improve their game.


Squash is a game that can be played at any age. It is an easy game to learn, and there are modified games and equipment to suit every size and skill level. Providing players with the opportunity for life-long involvement in sport, squash is an ideal sport for people of all abilities because it can be played either as an enjoyable leisure time activity or a competitive sport; an individual, team or mixed sport regardless of weather conditions and with little risk of injury.


Spa by World Class

Is not only your body that gets a treat at World Class, your mind and soul should also benefit when you visit our Health Academy. World Class is an oasis from the stress of your everyday life, a place where you can come and relax and regenerate your energy.

 World Class offers professional Spa services using high quality products, equipment and techniques. Your therapist is ready to give you the best treatment to meet your needs. We are happy to customize special packages for individuals, clients or groups. Our Couples Spa Room is perfect for Special Occasion Treatments or Spa Days for friends.


Relaxation and pampering await you at World Class. Our professional team is dedicated to delivering exceptional service that matches your needs.


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